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Why Our Meal Replacement Smoothies Work

Decadent and delicious RightSize® smoothies help you lose weight by curbing your appetite and providing your body with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We designed the formula to speed you on your journey to a happy and healthy weight.

Simple & Convenient

Hectic lifestyles tend to make healthy choices wait.

RightSize® fixes this problem. Even if you have only a few minutes to eat, you’ll have enough time to shake up one of our smoothies. Simply replace your current breakfast and lunch with our easy-to-make smoothies and you can expect to lose up to 18 lbs. in 12 weeks.*

Studies have shown that meal-replacement smoothies help people who plan to lose weight largely because of their ease-of-use, portion control, and reduced temptation for high-calorie foods.


*Results not typical. Weight loss was achieved by replacing two meals a day with RightSize Smoothies while following a reduced-calorie diet.

Hunger smashing

You know how some foods leave you hungry 30 minutes after eating? That’s because they’re low in protein and fiber.

These two ingredients play a critical role in RightSize®’s unique hunger smashing formula. Unlike carbohydrates such as sugar or starch, protein digests slower because of its dense structure. Fiber further helps reduce the speed of digestion - keeping you full and avoiding peaks and valleys in your energy level.

One smoothie for breakfast, another for lunch and some healthy snacks will get you all the way to dinner.


RightSize® isn’t a crash-course diet. The protein, fiber, and 20 essential vitamins and minerals will keep your body balanced and healthy while you shed pounds.

Each smoothie contains more protein than 21 cups of spinach and as much fiber as 6 cups of kale.

The vitamins and minerals, like B6 and B12, help convert the smoothie into lasting energy. Together, the formula creates a complete and healthy way to lose weight without starving your body of essential nutrients.


With more than 100 tasty recipes, you won’t get bored of the same old flavor. Choose from Lean Cocoa Bean®, SkinniVanilli®, Leano Cappuccino® and Slend-a-Berry®. Adding fruit and other healthy goodies creates a fresh variety every day.