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Delicious, filling, and clinically proven to help you lose weight. RightSize Plans are easy! 

Just replace breakfast and lunch with RightSize smoothies, eat a sensible dinner, and do light exercise 3 times per week. You’ll be losing weight in no time!

"Most of the stuff I tried before just wasn’t helping, but these actually taste good. They were quick. They were easy. And once I started losing weight, I was happier because I had all that extra energy and people were giving me compliments."

- Jake

I just have a few pounds to lose, but need some help.

  • Perfect for losing a few pounds quickly
  • Easily establish healthier eating habits
  • Takes only minutes to make
  • Free blender bottle

I'm motivated to lose weight and can't wait to get started!

  • Lose 10-12 lbs. and keep it off
  • Unique Hunger Smashing™ ingredients
  • keep you feeling fuller longer
  • Easy way to dedicate yourself to a healthier lifestyle
  • Free blender bottle
  • Free take-and-go containers

I have a higher weight-loss goal and I'm committed!


  • A great way to lose 20 lbs. or more
  • Convenient way to sustain your weight loss
  • Keep yourself on a healthier path for a lifetime
  • Free blender bottle and take-and-go containers