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New Research Proves Benefits of Meal Replacement Smoothies

New research shows that there are several effective strategies available to people wanting to avoid regaining weight after a successful diet. Anti-obesity drugs, meal replacements and a high protein diet can help weight loss maintenance, according to a meta-analysis published in the scientific periodical The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The study, which was carried out by researchers at Karolinska Institutet's Clinical Epidemiology Unit and the Obesity Centre at Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden, contributes knowledge about what is without doubt the greatest challenge to anyone attempting to lose weight: how to reduce rebound weight gain and maintain the lower body weight after the weight loss phase.

"The body has several defence mechanisms against weight loss, such as increased hunger, lower energy metabolism and relapse back to old habits," says research team member Dr Erik Hemmingsson.

- Article excerpt from, published October 31, 2013.

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How to Prepare a Salad to Actually Stay Full

Yesterday I was out to eat and I saw this woman sitting next to me eating this dainty little salad that seemed to be the equivalent of three bites of food. It was plated beautifully and looked tasty, but I had to chuckle to myself because it was definitely not a meal - it was barely a snack.

Does that mean a larger salad would have filled her up? Not necessarily. How often have you finished a plate overflowing with salad only to be hungry a couple hours later? What's in your salad counts, and a couple of carrots mixed in with some lettuce likely won't do the trick.

If you want to create a healthy salad that also keeps you feeling full, follow these easy steps. 

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Three High-Fat Foods That Are Actually Good for You

If you watch your diet like I do, making healthy food choices means being aware of fat content. But, did you know that there are some "fatty" foods that are actually quite good for you?

Bad fats are the saturated fats often found in meat, cheese and butter. Good fats monounsaturated and polyunsaturated - give your body what it needs to be healthy, helping you to absorb fat-soluble vitamins and feel fuller for longer.

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Want to Know a Dieting Secret?

Fill Up On Fiber and Protein

Protein and fiber offer numerous benefits, especially if you're dieting. These two powerhouse nutrients provide your body with what it needs to keep energy levels high and blood-sugar levels stabilized. Plus, they keep you feeling full for longer, so you're less likely to snack or eat a larger meal than necessary.

Here are the basics on both of these important nutrients:

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Goodbye Food Pyramid – There’s a New Image for Healthy Eating

The familiar food pyramid most of us grew up with is gone. No, that doesn’t mean we can go all out with fatty foods and sweet treats. In September 2011, the USDA announced the new MyPlate icon – a circular icon replacing the dated pyramid.

I wanted to know more, so I visited learned that the fundamental new message of MyPlate is that half of your meal should be fruits and vegetables. What a great message for adults and kids alike. I immediately called a family meeting to discuss what these changes meant and how we can try to make our plates look similar during meal time. 

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Natural Ways to De-Medicate Your Everyday Life

Do you ever feel like you are popping a few ibuprofen pills almost daily? Or like allergies are requiring expensive over-the-counter medications? Even if your new healthy ways are causing a little bit of indigestion, here are some natural remedies to save some cash and keep the meds only for more severe aches and pains.

For Allergies: If you are anything like me, fall is the worst allergy season around. Even with my daily anti-histamine, I struggle with a stuffy nose and watery eyes. Good news, allergy sufferers!

  • Diets high in anti-oxidants and omega-3’s can help ease seasonal allergy suffering.

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Why Drinking Soda is Bad for You

If you had a childhood like mine, soda was always a treat. I’m not sure what makes soda so tasty, but I couldn’t get enough of it. My grandma always said, “What tastes good probably is not good for you.” Soda was not an exception!

With some research, it is clear that there are no nutritional values, such as vitamins, in soda at all! Instead it is loaded with everything you should stay away from; caffeine, sugar, and a ridiculous amount of calories, which in large amounts can be harmful to your health. In a normal diet the goal is to consume the least amount of sugar as possible. In one 12 oz. can of soda, it could contain between 35-50 grams of sugar and 140-170 empty calories.

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