My Right Size Weight Loss Plan

We know you lead a busy life — and sometimes it’s hard to make the time to eat well and take care of yourself. But we can help. Our RightSize smoothies can fit right into your hectic routine and help you achieve your health goals — getting you to the size that you think is right for you. Our smoothies contain a fiber and protein combination that will smash your hunger, so you’ll feel satisfied and stay that way for over 2 hours. They are so delicious you’ll enjoy them just for the taste, and are so simple to make. Just mix 1 scoop smoothie mix with 8 oz of skim milk or the drink of your choice. Easy!

To get you started, we’ve developed four specific smoothie diet plans to help you achieve your weight goal, whether you have a few pounds to lose, have a larger weight loss goal, or just want to eat right and maintain your current weight. You can expect to lose over a pound a week if you follow the weight loss plans as directed. This type of slow, steady progress is the recommended way to lose weight – allowing you to make lifestyle changes you can stick to for the long run. As you lose weight with the RightSize program, you’ll feel more energized and better about your overall health. Find the smoothie weight loss plan that’s right for you and achieve your right size!

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